Abatacept (a short profile)

Acanthosis nigricans (causes)

Accelerated hypertension (definition - in image)

Acute adrenal crisis (a short note-in image)

Acute upper GI bleeding (risk stratification)

Adalimumab (a short profile)

Addison's disease (causes)

Alport’s syndrome (short note)

Amenorrhea (causes)

Anakinra (a short profile

ANCA- Antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies (short note)

Anterior circulation (of the brain)

Arrhenoblastoma (definition)

Arterial and venous thrombosis (causes) (differences)

Artery of Adamkiewicz (small note)

Asherman's syndrome (definition)

Asthma (definition of various types)

Astrocytes (types)

Atopic eczema (diagnostic criteria) (distribution- in image)

Atrial Flutter/atrial fibrillation (causes)

AV block (causes of the First-degree block)

Avascular necrosis (definition, common sites, diagnosis and management - in image)

AVN- avascular necrosis (of the femoral head) (causes


Bacteria (cell wall formation)

Bartter’s syndrome (short note) (differences with Gitelman’s and Liddle’s syndrome)

Behçet’s disease (diagnostic criteria) (syndrome)

Belimumab (a short profile)

Biological drugs (in inflammatory rheumatic diseases)

Blood supply (to the brain) (to the spinal cord)

Boerhaave’s syndrome (short note)

Brain death (diagnostic criteria)

BSH criteria (for PV)

Budd-Chiari syndrome (short note)


c-ANCA (short note)

Canakinumab (a short profile)

CAP- Community-acquired pneumonia (antibiotics recommendation - in image)

Carbamazepine (autoinduction)

Cardiac death (causes of SCD)

Cardiac troponins (causes of raised troponins)

CAT assessment (for COPD)

Cavernous sinus syndrome (short note)

Centor score (short note)

Certolizumab (a short profile)

Cervical sympathetic pathway (a note)

Chemosis (definition)

Chest drain (vs aspiration)

Churg-Strauss Syndrome (short note) (diagnostic criteria) (phases)

Circle of Willis (short note)

CNS diseases (causes along with LRT)

Cogan’s syndrome (short note)

Convulsion (causes in pregnancy) (true features - in image)

COPD (ABCD assessment)

Cowden’s syndrome (short note)

Cretinism (differences with down syndrome)

Crush syndrome (causes)

Cryoglobulinaemia (short note)

Culture negative endocarditis (causes)

CURB-65 (score system)


DAS28 (A note on the score)

Dermis (short description)

Down syndrome (differences with cretinism)

Drug-induced lung fibrosis (causes - in image)

Dysphagia (causes) (definition - in image)


Elbow pain (causes)

Empyema thoracis (lab findings - in image)

Endocarditis (cause of culture-negative endocarditis) (clinical features - in image)

Ependyma (types)

Epidermis (cells and layers and appendages)

Etanercept (a short profile)


Felty’s syndrome (short note)

FeverPAIN score (short note)

First-degree AV block (causes)


GCS- Glasgow coma scale (scale and clinical assessment)

Generalized musculoskeletal pain (causes)

Gitelman’s syndrome (short note) (differences with Bartter’s syndrome and Liddle’s syndrome)

GOLD grade (for COPD)

Golfer’s elbow (causes) (differences with Tennis elbow)

Golimumab (a short profile)

Gout (causes)

Guillain Barre syndrome (short note)

Gynaecomastia (causes)


Histiocytosis X (short note)

HPS- Hepatopulmonary syndrome (a note) (severity of HPS)

Horner's syndrome (causes) (definition) (short note)

Hormones (profile in amenorrhea)

HRS- Hepatorenal Syndrome (short note)

Hyperuricaemia (causes)


Infective endocarditis (clinical features - in image) (diagnostic criteria)

Infliximab (a short profile)

Insulin resistance syndrome (short note)

Internal carotid artery (course and branches)


Jacod syndrome (short note)


Kallmann syndrome (definition)

Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (definition)

Keratinocyte (short description)


Langerhans cell Histiocytosis (LCH)- (short note)

LBP (causes)

Lesch-Nyhan syndrome (short note)

Liddle’s syndrome (short note) (differences with Bartter’s syndrome and Gitelman’s syndrome)

Locked-in syndrome (definition - in image)

LRT- Lower respiratory tract (causes of disease along with CNS)

Lungs (Radiological zones of the lungs - in image)

Lung fibrosis (causes) (drugs causing fibrosis - in image)

Lupus nephritis ( WHO classification, h/o classification, treatments)


MacDonald criteria (for MS)

Macrocytosis (causes)

MAHA- microangiopathic hemolytic anaemia (causes)

Malignant hypertension (definition - in image)

Megaloblast in the bone marrow (causes)

Melanocytes (short description)

Meltzer's triad (components - in image)

Metabolic syndrome (short note)

Methaemoglobinaemia (causes)

Meningitis (clinical clues)

Merkel cells (short description)

Miller-Fisher syndrome (small note)

Minimally conscious state (definition- in image)

mMRC dyspnea scale (image)

Modified Blatchford score (score system)

Modified Duke criteria (for infective endocarditis)

Monoarthritis (causes)

MS - multiple sclerosis (diagnostic criteria)

Multiple hamartoma syndrome (short note)

Muscle pain or weakness (causes)

Musculoskeletal pain (causes)

Myopathic muscle weakness (a short description)

Myopathy (definition and types of myopathies - in image)

Myopathy and inflammatory myositis (diagnostic criteria)


Neck pain (causes)

Nervous system (cells)

Neuroglia (types)

Neurons (classifications)


Odynophagia (a short note- in image)

Ophthalmoplegia (definition)

Orbital apex syndrome (short note)


p-ANCA (short note)

PAN- Polyarteritis nodosa (diagnostic criteria)

Panhypopituitarism (causes) (definition and synonyms)

Papilloedema (causes)

Parotid gland (causes of enlargement)

Peripheral nerve (causes of thickening) (structure - in image)

Pleural effusion (cause of low pH and Low glucose effusion)

Pneumothorax (BST treatment guideline) (types)

Polyarthritis (causes)

Polymyositis (diagnostic criteria)

Polyneuropathy (types)

Posterior circulation (of the brain)

PPCM- Peripartum cardiomyopathy (diagnostic criteria)

Pregnancy (causes of seizure/convulsion)

Primary hypoadrenalism (causes)

Prolonged QT interval (causes)

Proptosis (definition)

Proximal muscle pain or weakness (causes)

PSC- Primary Sclerosing cholangitis (short note)

PV- Polycythemia vera (diagnostic criteria)

P450 (enzyme inhibitors and inducers) (drugs affected by- in image)


QT interval (causes of prolongation)


Rhabdomyolysis (causes)

Rheumatoid arthritis (diagnostic criteria)

Rituximab (a short profile)

Rochon-Duvigneaud's syndrome (short note)

Rockall score (short note)

Roth’s spot (causes)


SCD - sudden cardiac death (causes)

SCORTEN (factors for scorten)

Secukinumab (a short profile)

Seizure (causes in pregnancy) (true features - in image)

Seminomas (image)

Sheehan syndrome (definition)

Sjögren's syndrome (short note)

Skin (layers)

Sore throat (antibiotic choice in the acute sore throat)

Superior orbital fissure (boundary and structures passing)

Superior orbital fissure syndrome (short note)

Syndrome X (short note)


TEN- Toxic epidermal necrolysis (severity score and mortality rate

Tennis elbow (causes) (differences with Golfer’s elbow)

Teratoma (testicular - image)

Testicular tumours (types and short note)

Thickened peripheral nerve (causes)

Tocilizumab (a short profile)

Troponin (causes of raised troponins)

Type IV collagen fibre (short description)


UK criteria (for brain death)

Ustekinumab (a short profile)


Vegetative state (definition- in image)

Venous thrombosis (causes) (differences with arterial thrombosis)

Vertebrobasilar artery (course and branches)


WHO criteria (for PV - in image)

WHO classification (for lupus nephritis)



Zieve’s syndrome (short note)


1990 ACR criteria (for PAN)

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